*5 Day Challenge* Get Clear On Your August 2017 Business Goals
Learn About #IntentionMastery and #DeliberateGoalSetting
Would You Like To Build A Bulletproof Monthly Action Plan?
Applications will be considered until 9:00pm CST on 7/28/17 for the August 2017 challenge.
  •  Clarifying a definite intent
  •  Focusing on ONE measurable goal
  •  Creating clear benchmarks
  •  Defining deliberate actions
  •  Measurable movement daily toward a clear and defined goal for next month
  • Group accountability structure - strength & support through community
  •  Immersion in a process modeled after the "Cue, Routine, Reward, Craving" system for developing and cementing new keystone habits recommended in "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg
  • Blueprint for aligning daily actions with intended goals
  • Ability to design the act of taking the highest impact action every day toward a specific, measurable goal of your choosing as an "unconscious, automatic habit"
The challenge completely skyrockets my productivity. I've done it 3 times and I can't wait to do it again. Last month, I wasn't sure how my startup was going to hit our revenue goals. But we found a way to hit our goal, largely as a result of the deliberate actions I learned from the challenge.
- Tara Reed 
CEO, Apps Without Code | TEDx Speaker | Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine's "Young Millionaires"
Thomas’ 5-Day Deliberate Challenge put me in BEAST MODE! Even though I was a Cop, Marine and battle-tested attack helicopter pilot before starting my company, I was looking for “structure” and a way to prioritize my priority projects as an entrepreneur. The 5DC showed me how to take deliberate action every day, which lead to crazy momentum. I'll be signing up for another challenge, the support and accountability in the community is impressive and appreciated. #StayGutsy
- Vernice "Flygirl" Armour
Chief Breakthrough Officer, Flygirl Enterprises
Author | Speaker | VerniceArmour.com
The 5 Day Challenge is an amazing opportunity to see what you are really made of…talk or action. I thought I was action until I did the challenge and realized quickly that not only was I mostly talk…I was mostly in my head and not getting things done!

This challenge allowed me to get out of my own way and become specific with how I was spending my mental and physical time on tasks. I am still a very early stage start-up and the decisions made now can ultimately affect the foundation. After this challenge I made my first pivot…which is a good thing!
- Vanessa Siverls
FoundHer & CEO, BUPeriod
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